Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ins and Outs No. 1

So I have not done a blog post in forever, mainly due to the lack of photoshop on my computer. My previous computer got zapped in a thunderstorm so I no longer have photoshop at my disposal, and since I have been spoiled I have no idea how to edit my pictures without it. But, c'est la vie. I have a new computer now and I sincerely hope nothing happens to this one or I am up sh*t creek, as they say.

I got this ins/outs idea from lollipop26. I've read a few of hers and I enjoy them so I thought I would give it a shot. Here goes!


Bronzer- Cliche for summer, I know, but in particular I like matte bronzers. I use them to contour slightly and then I use a shimmery blush to add contrast to my face. It turns out very pretty I think. My favorite bronzer (found it on my 3rd try too) is NARS Irresisteblement. I don't honestly understand why everyone thinks Laguna is such a great color for pale skin... it's ridiculously dark. Irresisteblement also adds warmth to the face which I think it good for summer too.

Skipping a day between shampooings- I used to never EVER go a single day without washing my hair. And I mean EVER. I would spend the night at the house of someone I barely knew and would ask to be allowed to take a shower so I could wash my hair. I was religious about it. Now though, I know that it can be good for your hair to skip a day every once in awhile. Letting the oils that occur naturally on your scalp absorb for an extra day helps your hair stay super soft and it makes my scalp feel nice and moisturized, which is nice since (if you have been watching my videos) I've had some issues with dryness recently. I also discovered dry shampoo. I haven't quite mastered it yet, but I'll keep practicing. ;)

Naked Nails- This time last year I painted my nails at least once a week if not more. I accumulated quite a few pretty polishes and I do still love them. I just got out of the habit during the school year because of how busy I was and one other thing... my nails start to flake and peel if I paint them too much. They also yellow a bit, but I think that just comes with the territory. If anyone knows of a good base coat to prevent this please let me know... the OPI one causes the flaking.

Salad- In the summer I go from warm foods to cool foods. I also used to hate salad, but now I love it. I'm something of a foodie as well so it's fun for me to make up new salads and see how they taste, usually a combination of a meat and a few other veggies and possibly a cheese. I find myself going back to southwestern style most often, with black beans, salsa, corn, cheese, and chicken. I highly recommend it. Salsa is a good way to go if you want to cut back calories and fat by skipping salad dressing, but you still want some extra flavor.

Sleeping late- It's summer. I like sleep.


Waking up early- See above.

Soups/stews- Too hot for summer. I'll save them for winter.

Yellow teeth- I know my teeth aren't horrible by any means, but recently I've noticed they're looking a lot more yellow than I'd like. Can anyone recommend a good drugstore whitening system? It would be much appreciated! I know GoSmile is supposed to be good but it's also expensive.

Super frosty makeup- And when I say frosty, I mean anything that's super duper cool toned shimmery. Shimmer is still good for summer, I'm just not a fan of the silvery sheen for warm weather.

Lack of experimentation- During the year I've fallen so behind in finding time to play with makeup... I know it's just for fun but it makes me sad when I don't have time to do things I enjoy. In the past week alone since school has been over I've worn more makeup than I probably have in the past 3 months! In a good way though. I merely got around to doing a full face of makeup.


1. Ballet! There is no season that ballet is inappropriate.

2. Exercise. It really makes a world of difference for me to get daily exercise, whether it's ballet or a gym form. I feel so much more energized and it helps me sleep better at night.

3. Drinking lots of water. Amen.

4. Eating healthy. This not only helps your weight, but it helps your skin and your mood too!

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