Saturday, June 13, 2009

MAC Naked Honey

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Initially when I heard about this collection I was really excited. It was described as 'some skin products' and 'a lot of neutral colors' by a couple of people who follow MAC launches. Being a neutral color kind of girl, I was thinking "Yaaay! A collection of pretty neutrals!" But when I saw it in person I was disappointed.

There was a sickly heavy, sweet slightly spicy honey smell hanging around the entire collection. Hoping it was just the perfumes and body products I kept looking. I swatched all of the eyeshadows and got a brush to test the highlighting powders. I also tested all the lipglasses.

The eyeshadows, while all very pretty colors, were very easily dupable. I found a color to match each almost exactly. (left to right)

-Creme de Miel = Ricepaper (slightly less golden/yellow)
-Pollinator = Paradisco (slightly less peach)
-Buckwheat = Mulch (VERY slightly less of a golden shimmer)

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The highlighting powders were also disappointing. These I was really excited about from the website, but when I tested them out they weren't very pigmented, nor were they very shimmery. They didn't really do anything at all. They also had that sickly sweet honey scent. Thumbs down all around for me.

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The lipglasses were the only redeeming part of the collection. The lightest shade (She's a Star) was very basic but pretty, a nice shimmery golden beige. The middle shade was a nice golden peach, but on me it looked too yellow (Queen Bee). I really liked the dark shade, but not enough to get it. A dark, coppery, golden brown, it looked surprisingly natural on me and coordinated well with my skin tone/coloring. It was really quite a unique color (Buzz).

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I didn't even bother testing the body products and perfumes because I already hated the scent hanging around the display.

Overall I like the idea of this collection, but as far as the products go it was kind of a letdown.

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