Friday, June 12, 2009

MAC Style Warriors

Bold and bronze. Very bronze. The Style Warriors collection for the summer of '09 was full of bronzers of every type. From the first time I heard people talking about the collection on YouTube I was interested in the products it would have. Upon seeing the collection, I thought that the packaging was adorable. I especially loved the leopard print (being partial to all things cat). There were a lot of unique products in this collection that I had never seen before. The leg sprays and the luster drops were the main oddities. Beforehand (since I can't afford to go buying everything from the collection) I had chosen everything that I wanted to get, and after seeing the collection I finalized what I wanted. That just didn't happen to include any of those 'odd' products. I have heard from several other gurus that they love the luster drops, but I already have a similar product from Clinique so I chose not to get them. I also looked at the solar bits, but I found the texture very annoying even though the colors were gorgeous.

From the eyeshadows I chose to get Bright Future. I liked the pigmentation and the color was unlike anything I had ever seen. Gorgeous! A golden yellow. I was also sorely tempted by Night Maneouvers, but I swatched it and the pigmentation wasn't the best. The other colors were either in the permanent line already or were very similar to permanent colors.

Of the two bronzers, I chose to get Solar Riche. Honestly if I had not heard Tiffany (MakeupByTiffanyD on YouTube) rave about it I would have gone with the other color because Solar Riche is so dark, but I am so glad I did! It is dark and very pigmented but it has these tiny flecks of rosy pink and gold in it that are unlike anything I have every seen. I am very glad I chose to get this color. When put on in a very light layer it really is a beautiful bronzer.

W/out lighting adjustment

W/ lighting adjustment

I wanted to get both of the beauty powder blushes, but they were sold out of Eversun by the time I went to the counter. (the MAC Artist there told me that Gingerly blush was very similar so I got that instead) I did get On A Mission. I wasn't sure I was going to like it because I have never owned a plummy blush before, but I have wound up loving it! It's very different from my usual natural pinks and because of that I really like it. It also goes very well with Solar Riche bronzer.

W/out lighting adjustment

W/ lighting adjustment

The last thing I got was the Brave New Bronze lipstick. It is a satin formula lipstick and I have decided that satins are one of my (if not my most) favorite finishes. It is a lovely pinky golden nude, very creamy and very pigmented. On lighter skin tones like mine it looks very natural, but on darker skin tones I believe it would be a great nude color.

I also think that the model in the collection picture is lovely and the look on her makes her look like an African queen. Her attitude reminds me of a lioness.

Overall this is my favorite collection MAC has come out with so far! Mind you that I have only been into makeup for a few months now, but I really love everything in the collection. The colors are wonderful and most of them are very unique.

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