Friday, June 12, 2009

'Zip' Dry with OPI

Drip Dry by OPI
Laquer Drying Drops

These things are seriously amazing. I know that there are many topcoats out there that are formulated to dry quickly, but honestly none of them can beat this. Now you can use any topcoat you want and still have it dry super fast!

My personal favorite: OPI Topcoat.

I have always loved the OPI Topcoat because of its staying power, formula, and easy application. I love that when I go to take off my polish it takes more effort to come off because the topcoat has completely sealed in the color, and it prevents chipping and fading until you want that polish off. There's minimal tipwear. I LOVE it!

BUT. The formula takes so fricking long to dry that my nails would always get smudged or scratched unless I sat completely still for 2 hours and then it was still likely that my nails wouldn't stay scratch-free!

Enter OPI Drip Dry. I put 2 drops on each nail (1 at the base and 1 at the tip) after applying my OPI Topcoat (previously a love/hate relationship) and after sitting still for 5-10 minutes just to make sure there won't be any premature scratching, my nails are perfectly dry and nothing can ruin their smooth, glossy finish!

After the first time I tried this product, I looked at the ingredients list and found that there are very few ingredients and a couple that I never would have expected to find in a quick dry solution. After a little research, here's what I found:

-Disiloxane- I believe this is what makes the nail polish dry faster. There was very little information I could find online about what exactly it does, but none of the other ingredients had anything to do with making things dry fast.
-Dimethicone- This is an ingredient usually found in hair products that is used to tame frizziness. Part of the silicone family, widely used in beauty products to create a smooth, even, slightly slippery finish.
-Simmondsia Chinesis- More commonly known as Jojoba seed oil. Used for moisturizing as the drops spread over your nail and hit the cuticles.
-Tocopherol- More commonly known as Vitamin E. Also an excellent skin moisturizer.

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