Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Yoga-ta Get This Blue! by OPI

After spending several hours pouring over the OPI website, I discovered this gorgeous deep blue. Something about it being "your new fashion mantra" was in the description and I think of that every time I look at my nails... I was aprehensive about trying a blue because it seems so unnatural to have blue fingers to me, but I really love it! It's nice and dark and gives a similar effect as the dark purple nail polishes I love so much.

A very deep true blue, this has a slight green and purple shimmer. I really adore the uniqueness of this shade. It's just such a perfect blue!

This is:
-2 coats Nail Envy
-2 coats Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
-1 coat OPI Topcoat
-OPI Drip Dry

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